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"Emerging Rights" ICON•S Interest Group (IGER)



The improvement of modern, open, and inclusive societies requires academia to delve deeper into the legal foundations and conceptual frameworks of novel rights or expanded dimensions of traditional rights. In a landscape shaped by cultural, political, economic, environmental, and armed conflicts, the endeavor to integrate new rights and broaden existing ones within constitutional, supranational and international frameworks must be underpinned by a theory that adequately substantiates and conceptualizes these imperatives.

This Interest Group primarily focuses on two avenues of contribution. The first is predominantly theoretical and involves establishing the foundations and conceptualization of these new rights, as well as exploring new dimensions of traditional rights. The second avenue, however, revolves around applied research, which entails analyzing these concepts and examining their specific constitutional development in each context. 

Examples of these issues include the constitutional and legislative framework necessary to address demands and claims formulated in terms of rights; emerging rights or rights in development concerning citizen participation in public affairs; rights pertaining to spaces for the consolidation of people's identity and dignity; expectations regarding the transformation and protection of rights in light of new economic, technological, social, and ecological realities; incorporating a human rights, gender, and intersectionality perspective into the normative system and public policies. Additionally, it is also of interest to explore the limitations of this strategy of subjectification in safeguarding legitimate aspirations for justice interest. Facilitating the delineation of these boundaries lies at the core of the matter.




José M. Sauca [Convenor]

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain)


Ramiro Ávila

Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar (Ecuador)


Martin Borowski

Heidelberg University (Germany)


Pierre Brunet

University Sorbonne (France)


Timothy Endicott

University of Oxford


Isabel Fanlo

Università degli Studi di Genova (Italy)


Juan A. Cruz Parcero

UNAM (Mexico)


Gonzalo Ramírez

Universidad del Externado (Colombia)


Edgardo Rodríguez

Human Rights of the Government of Peru


Colleen Sheppard

McGill University (Canada)


María Valeria Berros

Nacional Litoral University (Argentina)

Upcoming events

  • ICON•S 2024 Annual Conference on “The Future of Public Law: Resilience, Sustainability, and Artificial Intelligence”. Madrid, Spain, hosted by the IE University Law School on July 8-10, 2024.

Past events

  • ICON•S 2023 Annual Conference on "Islands and Oceans: Public Law in a Plural World". Wellington, New Zealand (July 3-5) hosted by Te Herenga Waka – Victoria University of Wellington. IGER Inaugural meeting. More info.

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