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Issue on 'Politics and Law at the ecological crossroads'

The new monographic issue (204) of the Revista de Estudios Políticos: 'Politics and Law at the Ecological Crossroads', coordinated by Isabel Wences and Digno Montalván, is now available. Check out the full issue.


  • Introduction. Politics and Law at the Ecological Crossroads. Isabel Wences and Digno Montalván-Zambrano.
  • Green-tinged domination. Isabel Wences.
  • Ecological law facing the limits of anthropocentric law. Digno Montalván-Zambrano.
  • Are biocultural rights the foundations of a responsible relationship between humans and Nature? Pierre Brunet.
  • Environmental human rights as environmental justice: Developments in Latin America and the Caribbean. Mario G. Aguilera.
  • Applying strategic litigation for women and girl migrants due to climate change. Itziar Gómez Fernández.
  • Rights of nature in socio-juridical perspective: Legal and institutional innovations and insights for legal education. María Valeria Berros.
  • Legal challenges in the recognition of Nature’s rights in Europe: Unlearning the capitalisation of life. Susana Borrás-Pentinat.
  • Rights of nature and natural commons: Analysis of some conceptual tensions in the light of the Chilean case. Luis Lloredo Alix.
  • The understanding of nature, the jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court of Ecuador and the systemic theory of law. Ramiro Ávila Santamaría.
  • The hype of Rights of Nature: Critical considerations. Lieselotte Viaene.
  • Reviews: MIHNEA TANASESCU: Ecocene Politics. Rafael Vázquez García.

The monograph Politics and Law at the Ecological Crossroads presented here is the result of the research project «Ecoprudence: Revisiting the Anthropocentric Foundations of Contemporary Legal Theory in the Face of the Ecological Transition» (TED2021-132334B-I00). Funded by the State Research Agency (Ministry of Science and Innovation) and by the European Union (NextGenerationEU) under the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.