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DEADLINE - 29/02/24
Call for papers - XVIII AIFP Symposium
Iberoamerican Association of Political Philosophy

On October 16, 17, and 18, 2024, the city of Valparaíso (Chile) will host the XVIII Symposium of the Ibero-American Association of Political Philosophy, titled "The Development of Anti-Democratic Policies in Ibero-America". The University of Valparaíso and the Adolfo Ibáñez University will act as hosting institutions.

Isabel Wences (UCM, Spain) and Alejandro Sahuí (UACAM, Mexico) are coordinating Section 4: "Theories of Justice from Non-Hegemonic Perspectives". This Section seeks to promote the discussion of different paradigms of justice, highlighting the knowledge and wisdom of the Global South -"Souths"- to reveal biases and blind spots of hegemonic doctrines, and to recover overshadowed conceptions and imagine new ideals. The perspective of subjects in situations of domination, exploitation, exclusion, and violence indicates fundamental routes of inquiry. Beyond the usual liberal, republican, socialist ideas, the section aims to bring together subaltern feminisms; ecocentric views; models based on communal networks; debates about commons; peripheral and antieurocentric theories; epistemic injustices; decolonial approaches to justice; the pluriversal perspective; reflections from perspectivism and multinaturalism, among others.

The deadline for proposal submissions is February 29, 2024.

All information about the Symposium here