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Studies on corruption. Perspectives from the history of political thought




December 9 and 10






Wednesday, December 9th

16.00. Presentation and welcome

16:30 a 17:30.

  • Mariano Melero (UAM): Liberal public ethics as a shield against political corruption. A question of loyalties.
  • Jesús Ignacio Delgado (UC3M): Traditionalist conservatism. Moral and political corruption caused by the idea of progress.

17:30 a 18:00. Break

18:00 a 19:30.

  • Julio Seoane (UAH): Corruption as a breach of trust.
  • David García (UC3M): Self-government, virtue and civic corruption. Reflections on the republican proposal of Michael J. Sandel.
  • Paloma de la Nuez (URJC) and Isabel Wences (UC3M): Enlightenment and corruption: between commerce and virtue.

Thursday, December 10th

16:30 a 17:30.

  • Ricardo Cueva (UAM): The abolitionists and the "corruption" of the American Republic.
  • Rodrigo Escribano (UAI) and Pedro Pérez Herrero (UAH): he Hispanic world and the concept of corruption in the political imaginaries of the United Kingdom (1824-1850).

17:30 a 18.00. Break

  • Roberto Losada (UC3M): The anarcho-capitalist defense of corruption.
  • Carlos Fernández Barbudo (UAM): The use of corruption in the cypherpunk movement.



Director: Isabel Wences Simon (UC3M)

Seminar carried out in the framework of the project Judges in Democracy. The political philosophy of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (DER2016-79805-P), funded by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF/EU); as well as the Inter-University Program in Culture of Legality. On trust-cm (H2019/HUM-5699), funded by the Community of Madrid and the European Social Fund.

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Organized by the Research Group on Law and Justice and the University Institute for Research in Latin American Studies (IELAT). 

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