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Conference "Marx in the bicentenary of his birth: a balance of perspectives".



The bicentenary of the birth of Karl Marx (1817-2017) is being commemorated in academic circles of very diverse nature, being accompanied by the corresponding publications and conferences. In this line the following conference is presented around this author, which will address his work and his legacy, the latter through the succession of thinkers who have investigated him and specifically in his philosophical, sociological, legal and political field, and not only in the economic, which on the other hand usually comes to be the best known and reputed area of the author.

The aim is to bring together several specialists in the field, representing the latest generation of researchers on Marx's work, including Michael Heinrich (who is currently embarking on an immense multi-volume project on the work of Karl Marx: ,a renowned specialist in the work of the Trier thinker. He will be joined by a number of younger scientists who in recent years have contributed books, articles, papers and panels to various publications and meetings. Among the latter are researchers of the relevance of César Rendueles, César Ruiz Sanjuán, Clara Ramas, Sonia Arribas or Luis Alegre.

In short, the event aims to provide a meeting point for reflection and the exchange of knowledge on the latest advances related to the work of Karl Marx. It is part of the C.L.A.S.S.I.C.O.S seminar of the NEW TRUST-CM project in which the Research Group on Law and Justice of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (, is involved, thus giving continuity to what has been a backbone activity of its trajectory


9:30 hh. Accreditation and reception.

9:45 hh. Opening of the seminar by the coordinators.

10:00 hh. First round table.
- César Ruiz Sanjuán (Complutense University of Madrid): "Dialectics in Marx".
- César Rendueles (Complutense University of Madrid): "Historical materialism after Marx: a praxeological reconstruction".
- Ricardo Cueva (Autonomous University of Madrid): "A sociology of morality? Some considerations on the concept of exploitation in Marx".
Moderator: Isabel Wences Simón (University Carlos III of Madrid).
11:45 hh. End of the session.

12:15 hh. Second round table.
- Luis Alegre (Complutense University of Madrid): "Freedom, equality and property in Marx's Capital".
- Clara Ramas  (Complutense University of Madrid): "The fetish of merchandise and the disenchantment of the world. Marx and us".
- Sonia Arribas (Pompeu Fabra University): "The minutiae of Marx".
Moderator: José María Sauca Cano (University Carlos III of Madrid).
14:00 hh. End of the session.

Afternoon session
16:00 hh. Lecture.
“Marx's 'Capital' of the 1860s and its continuation in the 1870s. New insights by new texts published in MEGA”.
Speaker:Michael Heinrich (Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin).
Moderator: Antonio Gómez Ramos (University Carlos III of Madrid).
17.45 hh. End of the session.

18:00 hh. Presentation and discussion of papers.
Table of communications 1: Contemporary readings around Marx (Room 18.0.A01).
- Edgar E. Blanco Carrero (Central University of Venezuela): "Hannah Arendt, exegete of Karl Marx and his postmodern critics".
- Sergio Domínguez Martínez (UC3M): "A critical theory of social movements: analogy of cultural Marxism in the 15M".
- Alejandro Escobar Vicent (UPF): "Axel Honneth's proposal for the construction of a new socialist utopia: from early industrial socialism to the democratic socialism of the 21st century".
- Cristian Ruiz Martínez (UB): "The political validity of Marxism in times of post-foundational political subject. The Marxist critique of Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe".
- Alejandro Sánchez Berrocal (IFS-CSIC): "The populist reading of Marx: a critique".
- Clara Navarro Ruiz (UCM): "Three notes on performativity as an analytical category of capitalism".
Moderator: to be determined.
Communications Table 2: Fetishism of the commodity and ontology of labor (Room 18.0.A03).
- Christian Ribeiro Pires (UCM): "Commodity fetishism as a determination of freedom in civil society".
- Lorena Acosta Iglesias (UCM): "Limitations and scope of Sohn-Rethel's reading for a Marxian analysis of capitalist actuality".
- Pablo Escrivá Sirera (UCM): "Lights and shadows of the Critical Theory of Value".
- María Victoria Pérez Monterroso (UCM): "The place of feminism in the renewal of critical theory".
- Iker Jauregui Giráldez (UCM): "The body of work between Marxian and Marxist".
Moderator: to be determined.
Communications Table 3: Marx: Politics and the State (Room 18.0.A04).
- Sergio Pons Garcés (UNIZAR): "Marx against the Prussian State".
- Eugenio Munielo Paz (UCM): "Law and State in Marx: a republican critique".
- Juan Ignacio Moreno Pérez (UAM): "Brief reflections on the young Marx, Marxism and human rights".
- Fernando Gil Sánchez (UV): "Revisiting D. Harvey's concept of "Accumulation by dispossession". A new interpretation of "Original Accumulation"".
- Jaime Piqueras García (UV): "Marxism and party: historical evolution and democratic centralism".
- Hugo Paternina Espinosa (UAM) and Rocío Judith Canchari (URJC): "Uses and abuses of Marxism in the socio-political and cultural context of Latin America".
Moderator: to be determined.

19:30 hh. Closing.

Attendance is free of charge. A certificate of attendance will be awarded to those who have registered in advance. You can register through the following electronic form:

To follow the information related to this conference and other activities organized by the Research Group, please visit our website  ( and our profiles on Twitter (@gidyj_CM) y Facebook (Grupo de Investigación Derecho y Justicia).


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